Amazing Edibles Big Week


Hey, Husani here again! We've had a lot on our plates here at Amazing Edibles Catering Company.  Last week marked the end of a very busy period highlighted with some really awesome events. There was everything from a dinner in which the mayor was present, to a trendy showroom party, with even trendier food and to cap it all off one of our largest events of the year.  All of this in the span of one week! Here's a brief version of everything that happened:

NeoCon - Groupe Lacasse Showroom

There are so many little things that probably go on, significant or not, that you never really think about because you are not directly involved with them.  For instance,  if you had asked me a couple of weeks ago where offices or hotels get their furniture, I would have had no idea what to tell you. (Office Depot?) Well, now I can explain to you all about companies such as  Groupe Lacasse and the many others housed in Merchandise Mart that cater to buyers in this arena.

Every year suits from all over the country crowd the halls of The Mart in order to get a glimpse of the newest lines of designer furniture offered at the three-day event called NeoCon. Kind of a fashion week for office furniture maybe? Companies like Groupe Lacasse open their showrooms for customers to peruse and we (the catering guys) make sure everyone is kept well fed while discussing business.

Browsing around the various showrooms I must say that I was somewhat surprised by the extravagance of some of these parties.  They were outfit with colorful cocktail concoctions, DJ's and even live music! Still, not to be outdone, we were prepared with food to fit the occasion. Our mini ancho chicken tacos and award winning mac and cheese with bacon jam seemed to be the delight of many partygoers, along with many other delectable treats. It was a very exciting evening.


CHICAT - World Business Dinner

Next, we had a had the pleasure of catering a lovely three-course dinner with appetizers at The Chicago Center for Arts and Technology otherwise known as CHICAT.  The dinner was put on as an event for the World Business Chicago Partnership. Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, was one of the very special guests in attendance.

Seeing that is was my first time at the CHICAT facility I took a tour in order to learn a little more about exactly what they did. Apart from being a cool venue space, the newly opened center has a very unique and noteworthy purpose.  They provide after-school Design Arts, Digital Arts, and 3D Maker Arts programs to youth along with vocational training for adults to help them secure jobs that will provide them with a livable wage.  A quick inspection of the colorful facility revealed sprawling rooms equipped with state of the art technology sure to facilitate and inspire learning!

The dinner itself went very smoothly.  It consisted of a mouth-watering grilled peach salad followed by a mixed grill salmon and beef tenderloin entree,  and ended with a raspberry lemon bombe dessert. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves from what I could infer by the empty plates that kept on coming in. The mayor spoke about the future Obama Presidential Library and other projects that will hopefully serve to provide the youth here in Chicago with more activities.


 Metra - Family Picnic

Last, but certainly not least was the Metra Railroad Company Family Fun Day. Both the sun and the grill were working overtime on this hot summer day.  There were 1,500 employees and family members gathered on company grounds for a day filled with food and fun.

Metra, which serves as the commuter railroad system of the Chicago metropolitan area, is heralded as the 4th best commuter system in the in the US alongside being one of the busiest.

The picnic style employee appreciation lunch included your traditional hot dogs, and cheeseburgers,  but also a healthier and delicious black bean burger option that drew curiosity and praise from numerous patrons.  The company also housed lots of other activities including train rides and tours of its expansive facility.


So there you have it! Like I said it it was a very eventful week. If you would like any more information about our services or menu items like the ones here visit our main website to learn more!