Unhealthy Food picture Obsession?

Natural lighting, steady hands, and good positioning; these are just some of the tips in one of many surprisingly comprehensive guides you can find on the internet on how to take the perfect food pictures for Instagram.

Sometimes it seems like there are two types of people on social media, those who post pictures of their food and those who dislike them. We all know that one person, or perhaps we are that one person, who no matter how hungry they are, no food gets eaten until the perfect photo is taken. It's almost like saying grace! Many people obviously enjoy snapping pictures of their grub, but for other's it's become somewhat a point of contention. So what exactly is all the fuss?

According to Instagram, as of February 2017, more than 168 million pictures of food had been loaded on to the app.  Put into context this would make food pictures the second most populous photo group present on the app, bested only by selfies. User pictures of food will usually include anything from their own proud creations to something extravagant served up at a restaurant. Millenials ( of course) are cited as the biggest contributors to this trend, with nearly 70% of them admitting to having taken pictures of their food before they eat.

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Here at Amazing Edibles Catering, we know a thing or two about food pictures. Still, we are in the business of selling food. Thus, it makes sense that we'd want to take lots of pretty little pictures to show everyone what we have to offer.


So then, what makes this trend so appealing to everyone else and is it really as bad people try to make it out to be? Diving deeper into the reason why we post on social media, in general,  78% of people have said they share posts on Instagram in order to stay connected with friends and family.  Aside from that, users also seem to love the manner in which social media sites allow them to precisely curate themselves to the public eye.

Bringing it all back to our plates, it then seems that there really is no harm or foul here.  Not everyone leads the most extravagant day to day lives, so sometimes a new and exciting food item might truly be something noteworthy.  Just a way to give those connected with them a quick update. It really seems to be that simple.  So the next time you see someone hunched over their plate, excitingly trying to take a picture, just remember that it's all in good fun!