Office Parties

It’s the responsibility that no one seems to want, and unfortunately, it’s been thrust upon you. We know, planning an office party or event can be a stressful and thankless job. You don’t really get much kudos for doing it right, but you do get all the blame for doing it wrong.  Don’t fret, here at Amazing Edibles Catering we’ve got your back!

You see we have lots of experience in party planning and can help with all the little things you might forget that go into to making that super special event.   Listed below are just a few of our tips and tricks to help you jump-start your party planning efforts whether you’re a seasoned planner or a novice coordinator just hoping not to mess everything up!


It’s essential! No matter the size of the event, you know you’ll need it in some shape or form.  However, there are just so many questions that factor into making good food related decisions.  For one, how much of it do you really need? You don’t want too much, but surely you don’t want to run out! Another factor that is absolutely essential to consider these days is dietary restrictions. It seems like more than ever people are very particular about what they are putting into their bodies. Having to navigate questions and concerns like these are enough to drive anyone crazy and can derail your event before it even gets moving. Thus, this is really an area where you’d be better suited to enlist some professional help, say a catering service, that already has creative and easy solutions in place to handle these challenges.

Here are some other food related considerations to think about.  You should ensure that whatever nourishment you intend to have coincides with your vision for the event.  Are you thinking casual and laid back or something more sophisticated and elegant? Are you looking to give your attendees a full meal or just a light snack? Think about every variable that comes with the provisions you intend to have. Will it make attendees tired? You might want to order something lighter. Will it be distracting? Perhaps fingers foods might be the way to go. Will it be offensive? Think carefully about different cultures if this applies to your guests. We could probably go on and on, but hopefully, you get the point.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with having office parties, well, at the office.  However, you shouldn’t be afraid of switching things up every now and then.  Explore cool venue spots that are close to your location or maybe places that fit a particular theme or mood you might be going for.  It might sound strange, but if the purpose of your event is to perhaps inspire your team or facilitate progress in the workplace, sometimes just moving from your office space to somebody’s else’s can work wonders.  In fact, there are many creative co-working spaces that offer their facilities as event venues to do just this!

Still, no matter where you choose,  you should always make sure that space can accommodate all your event needs.  Not only in terms of the number of guests but also whatever they may need or use during the event. This can be anything from seating, tables, china, kitchen facilities, restrooms etc.  Make sure you have everything you’ll need on site, and if not plan to bring everything else. These are important questions, you should figure out the answers to long before the day of the event rather than being unprepared.


Almost equally as important as food, is how it’s served and presented. Assure that you are equipped to carry out all event day needs. This can include setting up, serving, and eventually cleaning. Enlist help, whether it’s the guy from the office down the hall or a professional staff.  There is always strength in numbers, so anticipate all your needs and make sure you don’t get stuck doing everything by yourself.

Also, don’t forget to keep in mind the agenda or plan for the event and how things like food and service play into it. Is the food being served at the beginning or end? Will you need something to keep it hot or cold?  Would you like something made fresh that day or during the actual event? Have you communicated this to your caterer or do you have the facilities to carry these things out on your own?  Again, it’s just being aware of all the variables to ensure that no one gets cold chicken or warm drinks.

Everything else

Sometimes all you need is that cherry on top to help bolster your event over the top. Make sure you get all the basics secured first, of course. But after that don’t be afraid to jazz things up. Florals,  linens, props, and music can all make a big difference so try something new that will surprise everyone at your next big gathering.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to breathe. Planning events can be stressful. But as long as everyone makes it out in one piece it shouldn’t be the end of the world if you forget to bring one little thing.  And if all else fails and you decide event planning is just not your forte,  remember we’ve always got your back!