What type of events do you cater?

  • Weddings, Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, Not for Profit Galas and Celebrations, University/Educational-Related Events, Social Gatherings, Birthdays Parties

Do you cater on holidays?

  • Holiday catering is often available, but depends on many factors including date, time availability, location and what you are looking for. Please inquire about your event as early as possible for the best outcome.

Do you have a liquor license?

  • Yes! We are fully licensed and insured.

Can we have alcohol at our event?

  • Yes, we are happy to provide and serve you. Bartending services are also available.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan menu? How about gluten free?

  • Yes. We offer several vegan/vegetarian/gluten free menu options on our menu. Click here for a copy of our full service catering menu.


What is the average price range to cater a wedding?

  • This ranges widely with the number of guests, venue, time frame, menu selection, drinks, and a million more options. But most of our weddings are in the $100-150 per person range.

What is your payment policy?

  • We require a 50% deposit to book your wedding. The balance is due 10 days before your event.

How many weddings do you cater a year and for long have you been in the business?

  • This varies, in 2019 we will cater about 25 weddings; in 2020 we expect to cater 40. We don’t cater more than 2 weddings per night, so you get our awesome staff’s amazing attention.

Will there be an on-site coordinator who will run the event?

  • Your wedding specialist will be on hand and we will also have an event manager that night to ensure a seamless experience for you and your guests, just as we have planned it together.

Can you assist with selecting other vendors? (flowers, photographer, dj, etc.)

  • Yes, we have many awesome partners. Ask us and we will share our favorites.

Can you cater at any venue?

  • We are fully licensed and insured and we can cater at most venues in the city and suburbs, unless they have their own food service or an exclusive relationship with one vendor. Let us know where you would like to take us and we are happy to check with the venue manager.

Are you insured?

  • We are fully insured, with general, dram shop and workmen’s comp insurance policies.

What styles of dinner service do you provide?

  • Buffet Plated, Cocktail, Family Style, Stations.

Do you provide bartenders, liquor?

  • Yes!

Do you provide tastings?

  • Yes, we have an amazing two part tasting visit! Ask us for more information and an invitation to Bridal Bites, Cocktails and Conversation to discuss and plan your wedding catering!

Do you servers wear uniform?

  • Yes, Black Bistro.

Can we customize our menu?

  • Yes, we have 25 years of experience creating custom menus.

Can you do theme menus?

  • Yes, share your idea and we can make it happen.

How long do you usually take to set up and break down an event?

  • This varies on the needs of the venue and wedding, usually 2-3 hours to set up, and 1 hour to break down, but again it varies.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

  • Yes, let’s talk about what you need and we will make sure you and your guests all have an amazing meal.

Do you do wedding cakes?

  • We partner with Vanille for beautiful and delicious cakes, and will also work with other vendors if you have a favorite bakery.

What types of linens, glassware, plates and flatware do you provide?

  • There are about 1,00,000 patterns. We are happy to show you some ideas.


What venues (In Illinois) can you cater at?

  • We cater at hundreds of venues all over Chicago. Here is the link to 50 that we partner with on a regular basis so you can check them out for yourself! You are welcome to reach out and share your needs and we are happy to suggest venues and check availability for you.


Do you have a food minimum to drop-off?

  • We have a $350 menu minimum for all of our orders. On Sundays, we require a menu minimum of $2,000.

Do you have a fee for delivery?

  • It depends on where we are delivering, and if it is a staffed event or a drop-off delivery. Delivery fees range from $35 - $250.00.


How can I send my resume to apply for a job?

  • Please email to
  • Please check our employment page to send us your contact info and express your interest. We are always looking for amazing people to join our team!