French Cooking Class- May 2017

By Husani Newbold

Well, not quite…

Hey everybody, its Husani here. I'm the shiny new marketing intern here at Amazing Edibles for the summer and I’m going to tell you all about my first two days! Yes, I know two days really isn't that long. Maybe a little early for a blog post, but you'd be surprised at just how much I've manged to learn and see within that time. More specifically, I was already able to participate in my first of the monthly cooking classes offered here at AE to its valued clients. And at the risk of sounding cliche, I'd say it was pretty amazing!

hey, that's me !.png

Chef Alexi demonstrates proper knife skills - safety first!

At the end of the night about 15 people, who had earlier been strangers, ate together as new friends. They discussed everything from everyday life to past cooking experiences over a beautiful and gourmet French meal they'd just made, almost entirely by themselves. To me, this was somewhat indicative, from what I've come to understand, of the values and services in which AE seeks to provide. Saying this to say, from an outsider's standpoint, gourmet food is gourmet food. Most companies at this level should be able to provide you with quality dishes.

Many hands make for light work!

Thus, what it really comes down to as Andrea, president here at AE, explained to me are the intangibles. Providing more than just great food, but also doing all the other things that come along with it well! This includes great service, going that extra mile, and curating the intimate, unique, and memorable experiences, such as these cooking classes. Fostering great relationships and great memories through great food! All things I feel like the company strives to do and all things I was able to witness on just my second day here.

Oh yeah, and the food was pretty good too!

Luckily, for everyone else, I didn't have much to do with the cooking. I really just observed (and tasted). Participants had their pick of crafting various traditional French cuisines from Ratatouille Tarts, Cassoulet, Pissaladiere and lots of other foods I would probably mispronounce. Still, it was all so delicious! Everyone in attendance also seemed to agree and took home leftovers and recipes for all the dishes as well. Apparently all of the overseas dishes that were made are all just some of the mouth watering platters offered here at AE! For more information on these and all other product offerings check out the Amazing Edibles menu!

Stayed tuned for more blog post from me on my time here at Amazing Edibles!