Capstone Showcase at ICO

image1 (2).jpeg

Who said capstones have to be boring? The Illinois College of Optometry recently showcased its capstone, and it was not just interesting but quite festive! There were stalls from a variety of companies showcasing their skills and highly advanced machinery. However, the highlight of the entire event was the variety of cuisines presented by none other than, Amazing Edibles Catering!

Starting from the table featuring Spanish cuisine, we had some delicious veggie empanadas, walking elotes, and an amazing charcuterie board. Next, we had the Mediterranean cuisine which included mouthwatering delicacies such as, chicken & lamb kabobs, falafel, baba ghanoush, hummus, pita chips, variety of breads/rolls, a selection of vegetables, and a tzatziki dip. Moving on to the Asian cuisine, there was a wide range of sushi provided such as the original california roll, dragon roll, crunchy roll, spicy salmon roll, as well as an Asian salad served in special Chinese take-out boxes, egg rolls, fried rice, and a variety of sauces. Finally, we had the Southern Comfort cuisine which included all our favorites such as white cheddar mac n cheese, sweet potato tots, cornbread muffins, and bbq chicken satay. YUM!!!


All of the above mentioned dishes sound super delicious and I am literally salivating right now thinking about them all over again! However, as people moved down the stairs towards the dessert station, they were all reminded of their childhood and everyone had a spark in their eye like little kids. The major attraction at the dessert station which created so much excitement into the hearts of the people was the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! To compliment the fountain, there were marshmallows, strawberries, pretzel logs, bananas, pound cake, pineapple, and rice crispy treats. If this was not enough to make people completely giddy with joy, there were other delightful desserts such as an assortment of petit fours, tarts, brownies, lemon bars and cupcakes.

I had the chance of not just working at this event, setting up those beautiful food stations featuring to different cuisines, but also being able to walk through the event as an outsider. From both the perspectives, it was really exciting and interesting to be a part of something so informative and enjoyable at the same time!