Welcome Baby H!

We are always arranging events for so many of our clients, making their big days amazing. However, this event was quite close and special to everyone here at Amazing Edibles. We were all excited to host a baby shower for one of our wonderful event specialists, Sarah Ann. To make it more fun and exciting, we turned it into a surprise! Considering how our office is quite cozy, it was a challenging task sneaking around and planning it, but all of this was worth the priceless expression and joy on Sarah Ann’s face!


The venue we chose was The Roof Crop, which was a beautiful spot and perfect for our quaint baby shower. The weather was also on our side that day which made it more convenient for us to fully take advantage of the roof deck, which is aesthetically pleasing. The food was prepared by none other than Amazing Edibles (DUH!), and just as always, it was delicious! We had a wonderful chilled gourmet cheese board which was accompanied by a variety of assortments such as grapes, almonds, fig spread, dried apricots, dates, walnuts, dried cherries, breads and crackers. Other than that, there was hummus, various dips and vegetables and toasted pita & crostini to go along with it. For dessert, there were some yummy mini pastries and a lemon & raspberry cake from Vanille Patisserie.


Overall, the event was so much fun and close to all of our hearts. We were all really happy to be a part of her big day, and give our best wishes to Sarah Ann and the upcoming baby Harsch!