An Event Less Ordinary (AELO)

Every person wants their event to be perfect. However, planning the perfect event isn’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of attention to detail, organizational skills and dedication to arrange the event of your dreams. This is exactly what you will find at An Event Less Ordinary! AELO was started by a pair of friends, Carolyn Johnson and Amy Nolan, 10 years ago. They have now managed to plan more than 500 events at different locations. The specialty about the team at AELO is that they are willing to not just go above and beyond, but also travel to give you the best event at your favorite location!


Carolyn Johnson, the main highlight of AELO, is one of the owners/operators. At AELO, she brings her vast production experience to the table which helps her create and manage the most extraordinary events. With Carolyn, clients feel relaxed at a time when they’re completely stressed out. She is not just passionate about her work, but also quite fun-loving and goofy in nature. Event planning has never been more exciting and pleasant than with Carolyn handling everything!

We had the pleasure of working with Carolyn in November 2018 for a wedding at DANK Haus. She was on top of everything and executed a memorable event for the bride and groom. We can't recommend her and her team enough! To learn more about AELO and the different kinds of events they plan, visit their website or call them 815.289.3024. The company, its team and the events they plan are definitely more than just ordinary!