Rhine Hall Distillery

Need a fun new place to host a party or event? Tired of boring pubs and bars? Try something different by visiting our friends at the Rhine Hall Distillery. Founded in 2013 by Charlie and Jenny Solberg, the Rhine Hall Distillery uses fresh fruit in order to create their signature brandies. Also known as eau de vie or schnapps, the Rhine Hall's brandy contains no extra flavorings, sweeteners or neutral spirits in order to preserve the natural fruit flavoring thus giving their customers the true fruit brandy experience. 


The Rhine Hall Distillery might have opened it's doors in 2013, but their experience in creating fruit brandy goes way back. After spending time in Austria and Germany, the Solberg family was determined to produce local spirits. When they returned back to the states, the family continued to make their own apple brandy. To do this they built a bike-powered apple chopper to crush the apples used for the brandy. Even though the bike-powered apple chopper is really cool, the family now uses machine powered choppers in order to provide their signature brandy. When it comes to producing their fruit brandy, this family uses old-school techniques to do so. Each bottle of brandy contains about 25lbs of fruit and the rest is water. Seriously, it's just fruit and water, that's it. The Rhine Hall Distillery is all about tradition and they definitely practice what they preach. 


Not only is the Rhine Hall Distillery the best place to get fruit brandy, but they are also a great venue for group gatherings. In addition they offer private and public cocktail classes for all those who dream of becoming mixologist, or just want to learn how to finally mix a drink. 

So for your next event skip the pub or the bar and head over to Rhine Hall Distillery! 

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Andrea Herrera