Hey everyone! Marissa here to tell you about this awesome new venue that I got to visit last week, Killerspin. Whether you are hosting a coworker party, birthday party, or just want to play some ping pong, Killerspin is the perfect venue for anyone who enjoys having a fun time. Killerspin unplugs people from everyday life and puts the internet on hold while your guests focus on making social connections without the use of social media--all while getting to play ping pong with professional grade equipment.


Founded in 2000 by Robert Blackwell Jr., Killerspin uses it's cutting edge table tennis equipment and atmosphere to create the perfect place where anyone can come, play and hangout. What's better than table tennis, fun and food?!? I think nothing! Even if you believe that no one in your event group can top your table tennis skills, don't fret, Killerspin has professional table tennis players you can play against at your event! So this year don't have the conventional party, call Killerspin now to make sure your guests have a killer experience! 

Andrea Herrera