Angela Garbot Photoshoot and New Website!

Summertime is in the books. The almost magical time here in the city is officially coming to an end. Soon temperatures and leaves will begin to fall. Kiddies both big and small will head back to school and things will just get a little as we transition to fall. Change is imperative! Here at Amazing Edibles, we go through changes for the better all the time.

Most recently you may have noticed our brand new website. It's a lot more sleek and filled with content to satisfy all your food related needs. This week we wanted to highlight some of it's new features along with with a recent visit from one of favorite photographers 

Angela Garbot, award-winning Chicago-based wedding and portrait photographer, known affectionately to us as Angie, is no stranger here at Amazing Edibles.  She's worked with us numerous times in the past. Angie has a great eye for detail and has been able to seamlessly capture the beauty of our food through her camera lens time after time. 



During her most recent visit, Angie snapped lots of photos of some our newest and most delectable plated meal options.  One of our core values here at Amazing Edibles is that  catering like food should not come in can. Thus, it's important that we share all the creative things we can do that might not be necessarily featured on our menus.  

You can find many of these pictures and more sprinkled, as mentioned, throughout our new website! We have brand new pages devoted to some of our favorite event venues, our famous cooking classes and lots of updated information about our company and catering services.

Be sure to check everything out. Also visit Angie's page to view the rest of her amazing work Also stay turned for more content  and updates form us here at Amazing Edibles.