Christmas in January?



 The holiday season is officially in full swing, which means lots of parties to go to and for some parties of their own to plan. This can be especially daunting since planning a regular party itself is already challenging.  Holiday festivities are no different, but given the added stress and hectic nature that is usually associated with this time of year, are often even more difficult to coordinate. So whether your planning a big soiree at the office or just a small intimate gathering for family members and friends try this party planning tip out for size.  Why don't you consider moving your holiday party back a little and holding it in January? We know it might sound peculiar but January parties are actually very popular right now and for lots of good reasons. 

Cost Effectiveness

First and foremost your wallet will thank you for waiting! Parties after the holiday season on average are significantly cheaper. In January after hectic and busy periods many caterers, entertainers and venues alike go into what they call an offseason where business is a lot slower. In order to combat this, they will often offer reduced prices and special deals. Thus, not only will you get to take your pick in these areas if you wait, you'll also get to do so often at a much lower rate.  

More People Can Come

Probably the only thing worse than throwing a bad party itself is throwing a party that no one shows up to. This is a small, but potential risk you run when having a party in December. You should consider the fact that not only do people sometimes have 2 or 3 other parties to choose from, but many people travel around this time as well. Pushing your party back would mitigate these risks greatly and ensure that all your party planning efforts don't go to waste. Additionally,  a party at this time of the year is a lot more inclusive for those who may not celebrate the holidays. 

 Just Cause!

Lastly, maybe you should consider having your party in January just because it's different!  Let's face it,  January isn't exactly the most exciting month and could definitely use some spicing up. People will thank you for providing them with a something to actually do!  Not only that,  it's just a great way to start the year.  So whether you're trying to build company spirit or just get the family together you should definitely at least consider switching things up and moving the festivities to the first month of the year.