Meet “Sweet” Shelby

Throughout the course of her internship, our Sweet Shelby’s determined drive, eagerness to learn, ability to adapt, bright smiles and positive attitude have escalated her role to that of an all-star on our team. Well versed in our business’ fine points through an education at Kendall College, Shelby follows in the footsteps of past classmates and comes onboard with the training to be fully prepared for her duties. Shelby’s draw toward the food industry was natural, a strong enough pull that led her away from an education in radiology at University of Nevada Las Vegas. Always one to follow her heart, Shelby took a chance and enrolled at Kendall College, a decision she now holds as one of her best. The decision to change, however, later revealed itself as more obvious than it seemed. The credit goes to her parents for the rich dining experiences Shelby was graced with as a child. Her mother, she says, had a passion and flare for cooking and hosting parties and considered dinnertime an essential part of family time. Her father, a former sales and managerial person for a variety of companies in the meat industry, passed away in 2005, and is fondly recalled by Shelby when describing her adventures exploring her father’s workplace.

Shelby’s experiences have aided her natural inclination rise above and beyond at Amazing Edibles. Her interests and knowledge have walked her through both office and kitchen duties, arenas where she feels both comfortable and eager to learn more. With graduation not too far down the road, she hopes to find a job in the catering industry.

A hometown hero, Shelby currently resides in Wrigleyville, conveniently home to the baseball team she always backs. Seeing far away parts of the world like Hawaii early on and frequently to spend time at her family’s Maui property, Shelby considers her time spent traveling fortunate. She mentions the Caribbean, Israel and Mexico as key trips, but is quick to add that the locations offered were, “Just to name a few”.