Hearty Homemade Soup


It was a long time in coming but winter is finally upon us. We’ve been blessed with a few unseasonably and very delightful temperate days but now the first snow has hit and we can look forward to lots of evenings with below zero temps. It’s perfect weather for staying home by the fireside or kitchen hearth as the pleasure of warm family get-togethers strengthens our spirits, bonds us to one another and fortifies tradition. We break fresh baked bread over homemade soup or a hearty stroganoff. Cooking together is a great way to share the warmth, too. Here’s our share to you, a delicious recipe for white bean stew : http://amazingedibles.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/white-bean-stew/

Changes in the patterns of light during the winter create interesting afternoon settings, too. They present lovely opportunity for convivial lunches over a warm repast, whether it be with good friends or with colleagues at work. Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure ? If you want to capture the moment of a January day’s noontime aura before it passes, we can help by bringing the meal to you, and leave you to enjoy the wintery atmosphere within the safe boundaries of your office.