Cooking Classes Go Global

Amazing Edibles creates cooking classes for many reasons.  Recently, we were excited to have the freshmen from Global Citizenship Experience High School (GCE), a private school in Chicago, participate in a Tapas Cooking Class here.  GCE is learning about gastronomy, the art and science of good eating.  It involves discovering, tasting, experiencing, researching, understanding, and writing about food preparation and the qualities of human nutrition as a whole. So these bright young minds entered our space to an experience that some of them never get at home.  They got to cook!  But they didn’t just cook, they also learned about where the different ingredients come from, why certain spices are used, how Mexican and Spanish cooking are alike and different, why each country’s cuisine developed as it did, and also some very important knife skills.  Chef Jill Houk led the kids in a culinary adventure that included making queso de cabra (goat cheese in a spicy tomato sauce), datillos con tocino (bacon wrapped dates – yum!), empanadas, paella, fajitas, guacamole, and pico de gallo.

At the end of the class, the kids got to eat the fruits of their labor and their teachers talked to them about what they learned and how it applies to what they are talking about in school.  As a bystander to most of the activity, it was very nice to see a group of young ladies and gentlemen fully engaged and having fun while learning at the same time.   And who knows?  This experience may have inspired one or two of them to become a chef!

We have both public and private cooking classes at Amazing Edibles.  Our private classes range from bachelorette parties to birthday parties to team building activities to holiday parties.  Are you interested in a private cooking class at Amazing Edibles?  Call us!  We would be happy to develop something just for your occasion!