Meet Our Amazing Sales Team!

By Enzo Vanzilotta

Here at Amazing Edibles we have an incredibly qualified Sales team composed of five amazing women: Diana Streit, Gloria Serrano, Sarah Ann Harsch, Amy Fields, and Caitlin Montecino. These ladies are responsible for working directly with you to arrange each and every detail for your events. We thought it would be cool to get to know them a little better. 

Our sales manager, Diana, is from Waukegan, IL, and has been working with us for 7 years. She majored in Photography at Columbia College and has been in the catering business since 2006. She focuses on planning weddings for AE and working directly with our venue partners. Her favorite thing about working at AE is the community spirit that we have created within our team and the long term relationships that she has with our staff and clients. 

Gloria grew up in Chicago, in the Edgewater neighborhood. Her major was Restaurant Management & Administration with a minor in Baking & Pastry at Triton College. She’s our Catering Office Manager and has been with us for almost three years. She worked in the industry for 10 years before joining our team and she found Amazing Edibles to be the best fit for her. She says that the family environment created here is what she likes the most, seeing the dedication that everyone puts in everyday and the support among team members is also important to her. 

Sarah Ann has been with us for almost 3 years as well, and is currently on maternity leave but will be back working with the team in the Fall. She was born in St. Charles, IL and attended Drake University, majoring in Marketing. She is also an Event Specialist, working on non-profit, corporate, university and social events, but lately focusing on wedding logistics. She admires how connected the team is and how everyone takes care of each other here.

Amy is our event specialist and she joined our team in November of last year. Amy is from Cincinnati and studied Culinary Arts and Food Services Management at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC. Her favorite thing about working here is the open space in our office, which is lofted above the kitchen, facilitating easy communication in the office as well as with the operations and culinary teams. 

Our client coordinator, Caitlin, is originally from Louisiana and she graduated from the School of the Art Institute, also majoring in Photography. She has been working with us for 5 months now. Besides the delicious food that she gets to eat for lunch each day, she loves how friendly our environment is and that she gets to know lots about her coworkers and interact with everyone on a daily basis. 

We are so happy to have this amazing team and they are ready to help you plan your next event or answer any questions that you might have, please call 312-563-1600 or email us at Remember, dates fill up fast, so if you’re thinking about booking a holiday party (yes, we know it’s hard to think about December already), reach out soon. We’ll take care of everything from there! 

Enzo Vanzilotta