The Diverse Celebrations of Spring

The United States is the cultural hub of the world. People belonging to different religions, backgrounds, races, etc. interact with each other on a daily basis. During these next 2 months, many people will be celebrating Easter, Ramadan and Passover all around the world. But did you know that even though all three of these are celebrated in different religions, they are so similar to each other? Here’s how!


The Kosher guidelines from Judaism are closely similar to the Halal guidelines from Islam. Not just during Ramadan or Passover, but throughout their lives Muslims and Jews follow these guidelines. The main thing that is common in these guidelines is the prohibition of eating pork or any products made out of pork such as gelatin. On the other hand, a roasted lamb meal is considered the traditional meal for both Easter and Passover.


Easter is celebrated 46 days after Lent which includes fasting or abstaining from anything like food, alcohol, violence, etc. Similarly, Ramadan is the 30 day period of fasting for Muslims in which they abstain from food, water, violence, etc. at the end of which Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated. During both these periods, the believers are expected to become more spiritual and make more efforts towards the needy.

Living in America for the past 4 years has shown me new facets of different cultures and religions by either making new friends at school or traveling. My exposure has helped me gain a better understanding of the people around me!