The Intern Chronicles Part 3: Wedding Fun


These last few weeks interning at Amazing Edibles Catering have been very wedding heavy. Whether it's attending final wedding walkthroughs or actually attending a wedding, Maya and I have been put through the wedding ringer. After witnessing the planning and coordination that goes into throwing a wedding, I can strongly say that I am very glad I am not a wedding planner and can confidently say that I will not follow that career choice. For those of you in the wedding business, wow I don't know how you do it. For those who are not in the wedding business, let me just tell you that wedding planning is probably as detailed and elaborate as organizing the security detail for the President. It's crazy and chaotic but somehow all comes together at the end. Anyways my point through this wedding rant is that if you are planning a wedding, find someone to help you and who knows the ins and outs of the craziness. 


Now even though my views on weddings have changed drastically the last couple of weeks, I still love attending them and seeing the final product at the end. Maya and I actually were able to help out at a wedding a few weeks ago at the venue Ovation. Since we had both only attended weddings as guest before, it was really cool to see the setup and all the preparations taken to get ready for the event. From flipping the ceremony room into the reception hall, to passing Hors d'oeuvre to guests during cocktail hour, we were able to see how quickly and fast pace it all goes down. We also learned that passing Hors d'oeuvre was extremely painful for those with little forearms (those plates are heavy for one hand!) However, even though our arms were burning from holding up those delicious appetizers, it was still fun to help out in order to make a couple's special day perfect. 

Andrea Herrera