Hey everyone! My name is Marissa, and like Maya mentioned on her last blog I am the other intern here at Amazing Edibles. Even though we have both only been here for a week, we have been busy with posting on social media, blogging, and designing posters. However, today I had the opportunity to step out of the office setting and go on a sales run with Andrea to check out Chicago's first creative work-space designed for women. At EvolveHer, women are able to grow and expand their companies by working alongside other women, thus fostering empowerment and community. How cool is that?!? In addition to being an amazing work-space for women, EvolveHer also rents out their beautiful and fun space for different events as well. By creating a work-space where women can collaborate together, their businesses will evolve and just like EvolveHer founder Alicia Driskill set out to do, change the face of the Chicago, National and International market forever.



Picture above shows some of the work-space available at EvolveHer

Picture above shows some of the work-space available at EvolveHer


Shown above: Here we have Tasha Liberman the Director of Business Development at EvolveHer and Alicia Driskill the Founder/ CEO of EvolveHer. 

Interested in becoming a member? 

Memberships range from $100 per month to $389 per month and are based upon a month to month commitment. All memberships include EvolveHer Core Classes and Events, Member Directory and Community Board, workshops, book exchanges, discounts on partner events, high speed internet and plenty of tasty coffees, teas and snacks. 

Check it out today! 

Andrea Herrera