My Kind Of Venue: Event at an Old English Manor House

Looking to thrill your friends and colleagues with a classy party at a picturesque, antiquated venue? This week, Amazing Edibles would like to introduce to you a classic, old-world venue in the middle of the University of Chicago campus: Ida Noyes Hall. Ida Noyes Hall is a 99-year-old building that was built originally to be a women's gymnasium and social center. However, since its completion in 1916, the building has hosted a variety of events. It consists of 3 floors and boasts 82,000 square-feet in total. Thus, Ida Noyes Hall eventually became a top venue choice for organizations both inside and outside the University of Chicago.

Eaton Engagement Party - Dec 08 001
Eaton Engagement Party - Dec 08 001

Reminiscent of a Tudor manor, the hall was renovated and now consists of multiple spaces for various events. In this week's entry, we would like to feature three of their spaces.

Located on the first floor, the Cloister Club is the largest room in the building and can host an event with 250-300 guests. The cathedral-style windows look out to the historic Midway Plaisance. The interior decor includes wooden panelling, and expansive ceilings with bright chandeliers and elegant patterns along the beams. This room is perfect for a banquet or formal and Amazing Edibles has catered dozens of amazing events for groups of 250 sitting guests and 300-people standing receptions in the room. 

Another exceptional space that Ida Noyes Hall features is Max Palevsky Cinema. It is a full-sized cinema that can host a large lecture, presentation or panel for up to 481 guests. In fact, this space used to be a swimming pool for the women's gymnasium and was converted into the 2-level cinema you see below to accommodate the building's new purpose. It's not easy to find a venue with convenient access to a enormous cinema like Ida Noyes. The lobby outside the cinema is the perfect space for a reception before or after your screening.

The third-floor theater is the second largest room at Ida Noyes Hall. It is sophisticated, ornate and strongly emphasizes gorgeous natural light and a high arched-ceiling. Moreover, your guests will never forget the beautiful mural around the room. It's a painting of a 1916 outdoor ceremony celebrating University of Chicago's 25th anniversary called "The Masque of Youth". The room is perfect for a performance or a banquet for 140 guests or a reception for 200 guests.

Besides the spaces highlighted above, Ida Noyes Hall also offers some smaller rooms of different types for institutional organizations and social events. Furthermore, Amazing Edibles has collaborated with the venue in the past on dozens of events to great acclaim and success. This old English-style manor building is the perfect venue if you're looking to host a formal and elegant event.

Check out their website for more information. Good luck with your event! -Amazing Edibles