Salesforce for Startups Event

Early this week, Amazing Edibles was fortunate to be a part of a fantastic event with Salesforce for Startups at Opternative. The event on the rooftop in West Loop was a perfect addition to our Monday.

Salesforce is a market leader cloud computing company that has been in the market for 16 years. Not only known for their #1 CMR, Sale Cloud, Salesforce is also a significant advocate for entrepreneurs through their program Salesforce For Startups.

Joining this program, entrepreneurs have an easier access to Salesforce tools to grow their businesses more efficiently. It is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to network and learn about the best practices from the experts and  fellow entrepreneurs. Moreover, with the support from Salesforce for Startups, new businesses can begin to focus on Build, Grow, and Give Back

Members of Salesforce for Startups are encouraged to give back to the community through a Pledge of 1% of their time, equity, or products. By this mean, startups can match themselves with a local non profits and pursue a change the community for the better at their early stage. This video below can tell you more about the mission.


With a focus on Pledge 1%, the event was attended by representatives from Salesforce for Startups's members including the host, Opternative, representatives from Salesforce, and representatives from General Assembly.

Best of luck to the young and passionate entrepreneurs on their path to grow and make the world a better place. Check our Facebook page to see more pictures from the event.