The Secrets to a Perfect Cheese Tray

3 out of 4 times when going to a party, you will be offered a cheese tray. In fact, it's nearly impossible to take cheese off the menu in America. You might think, how hard can it be to put together a cheese platter? You're right! It's not hard, but there are best practices we would like to share with you.

This week, to honor the festive Forth of July weekend, we will share an example of our cheese platter and reveal our tips on how to create a perfect cheese tray.

First things first, the tray itself is a very important visual element of your cheese platter. A few great options include wood, marble or slate to create a contrast between the cheese and the background.

Don't think too hard about the placement of different elements on the tray. As long as they're convenient for your guest to reach, it will be perfect. Move things around until it pleases your eye. Most of the time, your first instinct will look awesome.

Since it's cheese tray, DO think about the variety of the cheese. You will want an array of cheeses in terms of texture, hardness, color, flavor, and origin. After all, you want to delight your guests' taste buds as much as possible!


Even though it's about cheese, the addition of assorted fruits and nuts will enhance the taste and the visual presentation of the tray significantly. Here, we use pistachios and seasonal fruits as well as grilled baguette, coarse mustard and crackers to accompany the cheese.

Last but not least, the cheese tray MUST be served with genuine joy and hospitality. THAT is when you know you have a perfect cheese tray.

We wish you a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. Until next time, live well and eat amazing! - Amazing Edibles