It's Hot! Keep Your Cool Baby...

(Click here to print a PDF of this article: Keep your cool) This is the hottest summer I can remember since I was a little girl.  I’ve been trying my best to stay cool while the temperatures are doing their best to make me hot under the collar.  Here are some ideas that make life a little easier during these hot and humid days in Chicago.

  1. Eat several small, light meals throughout the day rather than 3 big meals.  Avoid lots of proteins.  Stick mainly with fruits and vegetables.
  2. Run cool water over your wrists for 10 seconds every hour or so.  This will cool down the blood in the Ulnar artery and help cool you from the inside out!
  3. Drink a lot of water; at least 6-8 glasses a day.  Try to avoid caffeine and sugary drinks which can dry you out.
  4. Wear breathable, loose-fitting materials like cotton, linen and silk.  There are also some pretty good lightweight poly/cotton blends that are cool.
  5. Wear a brimmed hat if you have to be out in the sun.
  6. If you like to exercise, do it in the cool of the morning.
  7. Take a cool shower or, better yet, a bath.
  8. Keep your blinds and curtains closed during the heat of the day.
  9. Run a couple of fans, even if you have the air on.  They help circulate the cool air and you’ll even save a little money on your electric bills!
  10. I like to slather lotion or body butter on my feet before I go to bed.  If my feet feel cool, then the rest of me seems much happier.
  11. Don’t turn on your oven if you don’t have to! Call Amazing Edibles so you don’t have to cook for your fabulous party!  We’re here to make you look cool, even if you don’t feel cool!